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Mammoth Cock

June 25 , 2010 In: amber ashlee

Amber Ashlee is a brave little slut. Check out this pic. She’s getting ready to fuck a cock that is bigger than her arm. I don’t know about you, but it would be tough for me to satisfy a broad that’s taking a cock this huge. Either way, I love to watch her get her mouth and pussy penetrated by such a huge cock. Its girls like this that make me love porn!

Amber Ashlee In Throat Gaggers 11

April 13 , 2010 In: amber ashlee

Amber Ashley Loves the Taste

April 13 , 2010 In: amber ashlee

Amber Ashley is a naughty girl…..She likes to bend the rules. She loves the taste of wet hot pussy. Although as a young girl, Amber was taught to like boys, but she couldn’t help the natural attraction she feels towards other smoking hot girls. When she first experienced with another girl, she was only 12 yrs old. She initially liked the rush of breaking the rules and the risk of being caught, but quickly learned that she really enjoyed messing around with other girls. Now she’d call herself a “pro at eating pussy” and damn is it sexy…. check out this pick of Amber burying her face!

Amber Ashlee – Not As Innocent As She Looks

February 18 , 2010 In: amber ashlee

amber ashlee black bikini

Amber Ashlee looks so innocent even in her sexy black and diamond studded bikini.  I love how she appears to be a nice girl, but is actually a kinky freak who loves to have sex on film.  She’s my perfect woman.

Amber Ashlee – Fucked In The Club

February 2 , 2010 In: amber ashlee

amber ashlee night club blue dress

Amber Ashlee looks super sexy in her tight, curve hugging blue club dress.  The porn star and her slutty friend look like they’ve had a good night of partying and are ready for some good drunk sex.  Are you going to be the lucky one to take her home and fuck her tight wet pussy?  Do you want Amber Ashlee to give you a sloppy drunken blowjob too?

amber ashlee fucking

Click to watch Amber Ashlee in a kinky threesome.  She gets busy licking a girl’s pussy while she gets fucked rough from behind.  Amber’s pussy gets rocked when this dude takes his hard dick and hits it from the back.  Click and check it out now!  NSFW!

Amber Flashes Her Tits At A Pool Party

January 19 , 2010 In: amber ashlee


Party on, Amber!  This girl likes to get rowdy.  Check out Amber chugging a big cup of beer and flashing the camera at the same time!  She’s a porn star who’s naughty all the time and doesn’t make any apologies for it!  Please don’t Amber, I love seeing your bare tits shine in the sun!

Amber Ashlee’s Cock Sucking Party

January 12 , 2010 In: amber ashlee


Amber Ashlee loves to suck cock, especially with a sexy friend giving deep throat right next to her.  The more the merrier in this kinky porn star’s opinion.  I sure ain’t gonna argue with that, because who knows… maybe both chicks will work their way over to my dick at the same time.  Double BJ!!!

Porn Star Pool Party

January 7 , 2010 In: amber ashlee


What a dirty, kinky whore!  Amber Ashlee is a young slut who loves to party!  Check her out in this erotic porn star pool party getting her nipple licked while her phat ass pokes out from her tiny bikini bottom.  God damn that girl has some serious booty!  Where’s my invite to the party?!

Candid Shot Of Amber Ashlee Partying

January 5 , 2010 In: amber ashlee


Porn stars love to party and stay sexy, even on their off days.  Check Amber Ashlee out partying with some of her hot girlfriends at a backyard pool party.  She looks so young and sexy in that bright pink bikini, posing with her girlfriend.  And what is that in her hand??  …Amber Ashlee is a very naughty girl!